Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Submit To You

This poem of mine is the tamer of the two that are published in (the hopefully still available) Frisson - An Anthology of Erotic Poetry (ISBN 978-0-9768730-5-1)
 It's great as a performance piece as the Erotic Poetry Roadshow proved last year (Thanks Rose Drew and Alan Gillott) It is a tribute to The Story of O in case anyone was thinking it was all about me ;-)

The Yew tree beckons, commanding us
Branches leer notching one more mark
as damp splinters gouge into my back
engraving your full name on me

Salt water lures us to the waves
as within you tether me deep
We dance our descent with its taste on our tongues
as you and sand shred my inner skin

Let the carpet have its turn, I say
Unfettered I consent to the crop
Haunches high you bind me in desire
making my knees and elbows bleed

Shackle me to the stone wall
Cold on my face, I surrender
and yield me open, defenceless
Dominate as mortar brands my cheek

Demonstrate your addiction to me
Mainline me non-conformist sex
Liberate my rousing dark side
and let me submit to you