Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wendy Wonders What's Wicked With Sue Moorcroft and What on Earth's a RoNa?

Q So what’s your news? A I have big news, actually – Dream a Little Dream has been shortlisted for a RoNA!

For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, ‘RoNA’ stands for Romantic Novel Award, and those awards are run by the Romantic Novelists’ Association. There will be a glitzy awards event at the RAF Club in London’s Piccadilly on the 26th of February where the winner of each category will be announced and the awards presented by Richard and Judy. Dream a Little Dream is shortlisted for the Contemporary Romantic Novel Award. (Pause for me to do a few cartwheels of glee.)

The winners of the five categories go forward to the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in May.

Q Congratulations! So what does this mean for you?

A It means I can buy a new dress, handbag and shoes and have my nails and hair done.

Q Seriously …?

A Just the nomination is a great accolade. I’m not looking past that because I’m up against really stiff competition. But I’m pleased it’s Dream a Little Dream that has got me onto a shortlist I’ve yearned for, because it’s a book that I loved writing and researching. It was like taking a dragon for a walk – it suddenly took off with me clinging on.

I might wear a dress I’ve only worn once and just go for new shoes. I have a fantastic purple evening purse so if I could just get shoes to match …

Q So what’s Dream a Little Dream about?

A Liza Reece dreams of taking over the holistic centre where she’s a reflexologist. Readers may have met Liza already as she’s the sister of Cleo from All That Mullarkey. She was far too much fun and too naughty to leave in Secondary Characterland so I gave her her own book. She’s managed to mess up the cosy loved up relationship I’d left her in so I needed to see what happened.

Dominic Christy has dreams of his own. He has an unusual take on dreams because he has the rare sleep disorder, narcolepsy. He has his own take on Liza, too … and he’s not afraid to tell her.

Anyway, they both have dreams. And if Dominic’s come true than Liza’s can’t and if Liza’s do, Dominic’s can’t. Someone has to give up something, so what’s it going to be?

Q Wasn’t the research for narcolepsy daunting?

A In a word – yes. But I became really interested in the whole thing and was lucky enough to get in touch with a guy who has narcolepsy who gave up a lot of his time to helping me because he’d like the facts about the condition to be more widely known. You can read an interview with him here.

That’s fascinating! Great interview, too.

Q What’s the dress like?

A It’s navy-blue lace in a sort of fifties style, with a petticoat. Purple nails and bag look good with it so I think purple shoes would, too, don’t you?

Q Totally! Or shocking pink. The RNA’s colour is magenta so you could match that.

A That’s an idea. Then I’d have to buy a new bag as well as new shoes.

Q But that’s OK. It’s an awards night. And you really get to meet Richard and Judy?

A I suppose that only those who win a category can absolutely depend on it. But maybe if they like the look of my shoes … Judy Finnigan looks like a shoes woman, don’t you think?

Sue Moorcroft writes romantic novels of dauntless heroines and irresistible heroes. Love & Freedom won the Best Romantic Read Award 2011 at the Festival of Romance and Dream a Little Dream was nominated for the same award 2012 and for a RoNA in the Contemporary Romantic Novel Award category. She's a Katie Fforde Bursary Award winner.
Combining writing success with her experience as a creative writing tutor, she’s written a ‘how to’ book, Love Writing – How to Make Money From Writing Romantic and Erotic Fiction. Sue also writes short stories, serials, articles and courses and is the head judge for Writers’ Forum fiction competition.
Check out her website and her blog at for news and writing tips. You’re welcome to befriend Sue on Facebook or Follow Sue on Twitter.